Breaking the barriers to unlimited living

Jim Strole of People Unlimited talks about breaking barriers to unlimited living

Physically immortal people want to break barriers. They want to go past their boundaries and limitations. If you don’t know yet if you’re physically immortal, that’s a way to get in touch with it. Is the desire in your body? Even if you don’t know how, or if you’ve never done it before, is it your hunger to do that? There are people that do not want to go past anything–they just want to pass. They pass on everything. They are a different breed. I am not out to confront those people. I am out to find those who have the innate desire in their bodies to break down the barriers between themselves and other people, to have a rich intimacy of feeling, of touch, a deep calling unto the deep.

Many people are suppressed. Suppression creates anxiety. Anxiety will drive you into depression. I will never do that to myself again. I will never put myself into a relationship to suppress myself again. I will never stop expressing what I feel, and not just express, but I will LIVE what I feel. I will live unlimited. I will not suppress my innate desire to live forever.

For a person who is physically immortal, it is in your body to want to break limitations. You might not even be aware of it until you hear it for the first time. You might be reading this thinking, “I want to be like that.” Well, I want you to as well. I want you to live an unlimited life. I want you to be a star in this world.

“That is another sign of a true immortal – they want everybody to shine. The more you shine your light on me, the more I shine”. You can’t be too much for me. But you’ve got to ask yourself, can I be too much for you? You’ve got to be able to distinguish the sound of your life and not be triggered to turn off by your old belief systems or any past experience you have had. This is a NEW LIFE!

Are you reachable, or have past experiences closed you down? I want us to break down those walls in one another to get to the very core of the fantastic divine bodies that we are. But you have to be willing to let go of the old stuff that doesn’t work. You’ve got to let go of old relationships, old history, so you can be a brand new person, with a whole new skin. I’m going to give you my divine body, I’m going to give you my divine expression, but for it to really work you have to have your fences down.

We’ve got to have cellular intercourse together so that you can actually experience a metamorphosis of your body. A caterpillar does not have a choice whether or not to become a butterfly, it just changes– it’s organic. An immortal body does not have a choice, the unfolding just begins to happen. You begin to open up. You can’t stop experiencing those changes, letting the old life peel away so that fresh new movement can be there. Staying stuck ages you. Being physically immortal we keep learning more of what complements us in being really alive. We learn more of what to do, as well as more of what not to do.

Some might think we are too intense, but intensity is natural to the human body. Everyone is a generator of energy. You’re a fireball! You’re an atomic power plant! But people suppress that and that is why they get sick and die. I’m amazed that people live as long as they do with the horrendous suppression andabuse they impose on their bodies. It shows you how powerful the human body is to live 75, 80, 100 years under such horrible conditions. How would it be if we eliminated those conditions?

When you are suppressed, electricity is not flowing in your body the way it should. All the right vitamins and exercises won’t keep you alive, but when you experience the body electric, everything you do for yourself will work better. Don’t shut off the movement of your body. Don’t get caught up in public opinion. You feel the electrical cut-off when someone rejects you. I want you totally electric because that’s where you are the most healthy and vibrant. That’s where the freedom is.

Every day, we have crucial decisions to make. Are we available for the body electric, your own body electric, and the body electric of other people? Are you available so that if somebody talked to you about making a change, could you feel the electricity that they might be giving you? Would you be willing to hear everything, letting them touch you in the most intimate details of your life? Could you let them into your hidden life, to address that which could take your life? When you move in the body electric, there are no boundaries. The body electric is that which pierces through all the walls, all the barriers. I’m always going to move in the body electric. I’m always going to be unstoppable with you. I’m not giving you an opinion. I’m giving you my body electric. Then you have to get in contact in your own body whether or not that resonates. You cannot afford not to answer that call. You cannot afford to be stubborn. Yes, you can live through conflicts, but you can’t live through endless conflicts, one after another. You are only stacking the odds for you to die!

“I’m a generator with you. Be in contact with the source of life in your body and be able to give total acknowledgement, total passion, total thankfulness and praise like no human beings have ever given to other human beings. It feeds our bodies when we give that to one another. I’m with other immortals because it is the greatest environment I can have. When you hear something greater for your life, be willing to move, no matter what barriers come up–your background, your belief systems.

Some people can’t imagine or see themselves living forever. They see people grow old. But it doesn’t happen right away, people develop that way. You can grow forever instead. At one time I was growing old, now I’m growing forever. I’m not growing young, I outlived young, but I am getting fresher all the time. Shake off the dust of an old world and live immortally with me.

Jim Strole, People Unlimited Inc. to find out more about Jim Strole and unlimited living visit Jim Strole at People Unlimited.

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