Immortality 101

Immortality 101: a primer

We are powerful creators. Our thoughts create our reality. Whatever we focus on we create more of. Why not think the unthinkable? The most expanded vision of reality is to live forever. It’s radical, inconceivable – yet I feel in the core of my being that I will live forever in this form. Why not go for the highest life imaginable?

But how do you do it? Living now is how you will live forever. Don’t be afraid to go for the greatest life possible, right here, right now. Old age does not kill. It’s the lack of movement and expansion that suppresses our life force – our electric body – and that is what leads to death. To live, the death program has to end and you must take charge of your life now – feeling the urgency to do it now, not some later time.

Being joyful is key to creating an amazing, unlimited life. To be most successful in consciously creating, your focus always needs to be on reaching for a better feeling, especially when you are not feeling good. Feeling good raises and resets your set point to create what you want – and feeling good is an indicator your manifestations are on their way. This is true for business, health, finances, relationships – everything. When you feel good, you are in alignment.

To feel good and be joyful is the place we always want to move to for optimal wellbeing. Stay focused upon feeling good. It is not about what you are doing – it’s about feeling good about what you are doing. Get happy because it
feels good to be happy.

Let old beliefs die so you can live

People believe they are going to die. A belief is only a thought you keep thinking. Let go of old beliefs that do not serve your greatest good. There is no pain as great as the pain of death. Perhaps that knowledge will give you the courage to give yourself permission to move through your pain, fear, upset, anger, ego – whatever it is, that holds you back in your life.

Old beliefs and the emotions attached to those beliefs keep you stuck. Your emotions let you know imbalances are going on within you. Feeling negation is misalignment. Feeling good is being in alignment. Alignment feels like joy, gratitude, vitality, abundance, feeling lovable, free, unlimited.

If this sounds like too much, then move incrementally – if you cannot quite leap to being joyful, start off by going for a feeling of relief. The only way to deactivate a negative thought is to activate a new thought that makes you feel better.

Deliberately look for a feeling of wellbeing. Intentionally feel good. Feel good no matter what is happening. We are physically focused creators; we are magnificent bodies. Bask in the beauty of your body’s vitality, in the wonderment of what it does, in your body’s brilliance.

Lisa Miller has written self development books, coached people to live to their greatest potential, and been on numerous radio and TV shows regarding living an unlimited life. She is currently the owner of a successful local business she started 15 years ago – Lady Bug Eco Friendly Pest Control. To learn more about Immortality 101 and beyond, visit People Unlimited

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