Journey out of death

Don takes a journey out of death with People Unlimited Inc

In early June 2008 I was sitting in a bar in Baltimore and had just finished a basket of wings and a few glasses of wine. I was 44 years old, married, working an airline mechanic job that had me traveling extensively, and pretty much living paycheck to paycheck. I had friends in North Carolina where I lived, but they were just drinking buddies, very casual and superficial. All I really looked forward to in my life was to relax once the day was over and drink.

My name is Don Wortman. That was my life. As an airline mechanic on the road, I went from one drinking occasion to the next. I ate at bars all the time. Chicken wings, burgers, nachos, all of that crap. When I was home, my wife Michele and I would at times spend $400 a week on wine. We would have three bottle nights, just Michele and I. I weighed 360 pounds and I was on a variety of prescription drugs for asthma, gout, chronic sinusitis and psoriasis. My immune system was compromised. And, I was always playing Mr. Nice Guy to avoid confrontations with other people. I was suppressed and complacent in my body. And I knew I wanted more in my life.

In July, Michele traveled to Scottsdale, AZ, where a friend had invited her to be at a weeklong event, something about physical immortality. When Michele returned, she told me she wanted me to attend a weeklong event these people were doing towards the end of that year. I told her that was the last thing I wanted to do. I was low on money and I’d done every personal development program there was to do. I didn’t want to do another one.

But when the time came, I went. I remember the first time I met Jim, Bernie, and Chuck. It was Christmas night 2008, and the event started that evening. Each of them spoke about physical immortality. I had never heard anyone speak about things they spoke about; that life is good and that together we could eliminate aging, disease, and death.

As I listened, I had this weird thought: of all the personal development workshops that I had ever attended and everything I had learned about life up to that point, I thought if I could take the information I was hearing that night and bury it in a capsule and find it after I died, I would be so much better off in my next lifetime. As the week progressed, I began to realize that I didn’t need to die to go to a better place, that everything I needed was already in my body. I began to realize that I didn’t need to bury anything.

Michele and I went back to North Carolina and I remember feeling a new possibility for me. It was a feeling that I didn’t have to go where everyone had told me I had to go – that a new life could happen for me. I was excited. I felt like I was done struggling with money, relationships – you name it, I was done! I was done with the struggles of life. While in North Carolina, all I could think about was what I needed to do to get back to my people.

Six months later, Michele and I attended the week-long 2009 People Unlimited Summer Event in Scottsdale. I got what these people were talking about in every cell of my body and that’s when everything for me was sealed. Michele and I moved to Scottsdale in November 2009, but we both realized our marriage needed to end. In Scottsdale, I moved into a house with other physically immortal people and was greeted with open arms. I started to jog with Dimitri (a former personal trainer) and Christi (a nutritionist) started me on the right diet. The weight started to fall off.

From November through January I focused on my body. I ate right, exercised, slept well, and consumed zero alcohol. I weighed 370 pounds when I got here. In 10 months, I lost 130 pounds. I’m 242 right now. And I’m off all of my medications. I was cleansing myself from all of the death-thoughts I used to have, thoughts of negation and loss. Now, whenever dark thoughts come up in my body I’m able to deflect them right away. To have a body of like-minded people who support you, it’s something you can’t put into words how much of a positive impact that is. To have people that believe the same way I do is huge for me.

When I was 16 years old, I left my parents’ church because of the duality of what was being talked about on Sunday and what was actually being lived outside of the church. I made that move out of integrity for my body. Andnow, I am finally living my integrity.I have a purpose in life now and that is the realization of Physical Immortality on the planet now. What this means for me is stopping the death in my body and in my conversations with other people. I am now living the life that I always wanted but thought was not possible. Well, it is possible. It is very real.

Don Wortmann is a maintenance supervisor for Frontier Airlines. To learn more about the impact of living unlimited or to take your own journey out of death, visit Living transformations.

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