Listen to the language of your body

Charles Brown of People Unlimited says listen to the language of your body

In the sound of an immortal life, there is a feeling of freedom in the body because it calls us to the remembrance of who we really are and why we have come here. This is not just a high, it is an illumination. It is a lighting up of the whole body. The very cells begin to respond. They begin to reverberate, hearing the language that they are physically immortal. There is no space for any duality, any agreement with death; no space to be subject to sickness of any kind.

When we are together we hear a sound that causes us to fall into cadence. The heart starts to beat to a rhythm it does not beat on its own. There is a language of our bodies that causes a feeling in the whole body, where there is a symphony that begins. I hear the sound of you. You hear the sound of me. This is more than words, it is a language of the body. It takes us out of the conscious awareness where we are continuously bombarded with negation. When we begin to hear from the deep that calls unto the deep, the language of our flesh, we are no longer subject to the input from our conscious awareness, from all the death orientation on the planet.

Death is such a waste. There’s no excuse for it any more. We cannot look the other way, and we cannot be tolerant of it. I don’t mean that we will go out and be obnoxious to people that cannot comprehend physical immortality, but we are to be obnoxious to the death that would want to operate in our own bodies. We are to be intolerant to conversations that we are subjected to. We have a right to speak up in the midst of the social awareness of the covenant of death. We have a right to speak up and say, “No, that’s not how I feel.” We must cause and create an atmosphere that is complimentary to our being physically immortal. The way we do that is by being true to who we are, being willing to change the reality of the people around us. The atmospheric condition is created from the thoughts of people, and the vibrations that are coming from them in their agreement with death.

We must break the covenant of death here in our own bodies so we can break the covenant in those with whom we come in contact. We can’t impose it. If people choose a darker life we can’t control that, butneither can we be quiet. We must make the sound louder than ever and bring a conscience to others that death is senseless.

I refuse to appease death. I refuse to make death comfortable. I refuseto be silent. When I am silent, I make myself weak, I make my immune system weak. If you want to do something for yourself, live, and cause others to live. We must end the bombardment in our own conscious awareness that inundates us at times and wants to cause a numbness, a passiveness, a sleep. This is not a time for sleep. We are to be awake. Even when we are resting in sleep, we are to be awake to our life, hearing the sound of immortal flesh, hearing the communication between the cells and the atoms of our body.

Life is not enough. Life is eternal, but it’s not physical immortality. There’s a vast difference. A lot of people get caught up in eternal life, but life has been a host to death and this must stop. That’s the groan that is taking place within bodies. That’s the life I want to come in contact with, the life that is waiting to be clothed with immortality. What does that mean? People are waiting to have that DNA within their own bodies sparked, that they remember who they are as physically immortal bodies. They respond to their own. That’s what we are looking for.

In the evolution of life or longevity, you don’t stand a chance. What we are speaking of is a complete metamorphosis. It is a crossing over, from the life that has been a host to death to physical immortality, a reborn experiencing. All life is waiting for this sound. That is what makes us different. You have to be ready for this. You have to be groaning. You have to want to hear that sound of your own kind, and when you do, you know. I can tell you, if you hear the sound of physical immortality and you respond, you can’t get enough of it. Bring it on.

There are no gods, there are no angels. There is no spiritual entity within you, there is no middleman. We’re not going through someone else to get to you. We’re coming direct to you and telling you that you are enough, that you are physically immortal now. We’re breaking down the walls in flesh to get to you, and when you hear that sound you know the search is over. You have come home, to go no more out.

Charles Paul Brown, People Unlimited Inc. To learn more about living unlimited visit People Unlimited

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