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Bernadeane of People Unlimited says Set Yourself Free

I am physically immortal. I have something to say about whether or not I live or die. And you do too. I have stepped off death row, never to go back there again. It’s not just the prisoners that are on death row. Everyone has an end coming unless they experience being physically immortal. I have risen out of the pit of death! I’m so happy that I set myself free to live. I’m not afraid to live, to do that which is necessary to walk free forever. I have set myself free to be who I am in this world, to move how I need to move. I’m so thankful nobody can stop me. We’re all different. I love that. I need the uniqueness of every individual. People have always died because they didn’t know it was possible to live forever. I’m saying it is possible, but it’s going to take vast movement and vast changes. It takes ending the duality in your form. Duality causes constant conflict. One personality says yes, the other says no. You have to choose one or the other because a body divided against itself cannot stand. You must walk free of the internal conflict. It feels so good physically to have no duality going on in the body.

When you’re physically immortal and awake, you’re going to experience whatever you need to face to walk free. You need to experience what causes you to live and not die. It takes being vulnerable. Be vulnerable to your joy, to your pain, to whatever is going on in your body. Many people want to shut that feeling down and cover up what is happening in their lives, but if you are not open to look at your life experiences, you will not know how to live and become unstoppable.

You cannot stay shallow and live forever. When I say shallow, I mean just living and breathing every day, nothing going on and nobody at home upstairs.You have to be at home with yourself. Let yourself feel what it is to live and what it is to die. You have to know what it feels like todie; you have to know the horror of it. Havean in-depth experience of your person. Get in touch with your potency and you will be able to change whatever you need to. You will want to get in touch with ways that make you feel better because you’re finding out who you are.

I want to stir you to wake up to the unlimitedness of yourself! Get excited with yourself. Look at the changes you need to make. Don’t be afraid of anything you might have going on in your life. Feel it, be honest about it, and do something to change it. We have to see ourselves just like we are and be real about it. We have somewhere to go when we’re like that. If you’re not open, honest and real, you have nowhere to go but a hole in the ground.

Are you afraid to walk in this world as a physically immortal body? Are you afraid to tell your friends, your family, your lovers, your business partners? If you are, you haven’t really experienced that you are all there is. Physical immortality is you, or it’s nothing at all. Physical immortality is not a truth, it’s the flesh. When it’s who you are, there is no intimidation, nobody can touch you. In fact, you might really be respected and liked by some of the people you think will be shaken up. But whether they like you or not, it does something for you to live free of their opinion.

Give up the old belief systems to experience something new that you’ve never felt before. Don’t be sentimental. Love, but don’t love at the expense of your life, that’s a prison. There are many different forms of prison. I set myself free from suppression. I set myself free from the bondage of marriage. Set yourself free to live abundantly. You’re the only one that can to do it for you. It’s so important to move in every way possible to feel the strength of your life. We get stronger with every move we make for our lives.

I feel the human body is so vast. We need to have such an appreciation and a feeling forour person. It’s a rich life we lead when we face everything and avoid nothing. We have the best opportunity together to outlive everything that could destroy us. We can walk through anything together. I love that. There’s something about the power of one that is so potent; the power of one, our bodies together. What is the higher power? It’s you and I together.

There’s no imaginary friend out there in the sky somewhere. I’ve ended the mysteries for myself. The mystery of God is finished for me. I faced what was programmed into my body from a religious place; it’s a strong belief system in this world. I love tangible life and living. Living a clean life is not living a godly life; it’s being true to yourself and to the people you involve yourself with. You will always know where I am with you because I’m true to you. It matters to me that you benefit from me, that you receive a quality of life from me that you never knew before. It matters to me that you become prosperous in every way. We have a right to live abundantly. Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid to stand out in this world of humanity that is dying.

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