Somers should take her title to heart

Suzanne Somers, Sexy Forever, should take her title to heart

Suzanne Somers, successful actress and entertainer, has become something of an alternative health and fitness guru, authoring twenty books in the process, many of them New York Times best sellers. Inspired by her personal battles against menopausal weight gain and breast cancer, she has made it her life’s mission to find the healthiest ways to live and to share what she’s learned in the most accessible way possible. Her latest book – Sexy Forever – is not just another diet book. It’s a road map to nutrition, exercise, supplementation and healthy disciplines intended to revitalize your body.

In writing this book Suzanne Somers makes concessions to the reader’s wallet but not to our commitment. As with previous books, she goes beyond traditional medical and nutritional ideas while encouraging us to put our health first, reduce our toxic load, balance our hormones, and eliminate foods that cause inflammation. Somers introduces us to top nutritionists and leading anti-aging doctors. She explains the difference between bio-identical and natural hormones as a prelude to the importance of hormone replacement. She advocates an exercise program along with a range of
supplements to boost weight loss in a healthy way. And she provides an eating plan and supporting recipes for three phases: the 30 day detox; weight loss for as long as it takes; and lifestyle forever.

For Suzanne Somers devotees, Sexy Forever is like a how-to companion to her book about cutting edge medicine called “Breakthrough”. Although she’s updated her earlier diets – which may confuse you if you have been following them for years – she’s retained some familiar aspects like not mixing carbohydrates and fats. Sexy Forever is both simple enough for a beginner to follow and comprehensive enough for the more advanced student of healthy lifestyles.

One question I have for Suzanne Somers though is: Why would you limit yourself to eighty years of life as implied in this book? I understand the desire to live a healthy life – but why would you want to die if you’re healthy? In fact, how would you propose to do that?

A clean diet and exercise will not make you live forever but they’re certainly a necessary foundation, so I’m grateful to Suzanne Somers for her unwavering commitment to human wellbeing. But why break the barriers to health set up by conventional medicine and by unhealthy lifestyles inherited from our culture, only to give up down the road? You’ve started breaking through already, why not experience the ultimate in healthy living – physical Immortality?

Melanie Radford worked in cellular pathology, immunology and genetics for 10 years and in science education and management for 20 years. A Fellow of the Royal Institute of Medical Laboratory Science in England, she holds Masters degrees in Management and Education. to learn more about living unlimited visit People Unlimited Events

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