The “secret” of physical intelligence

the secret of physical intelligence

Who are you right now, as you read this article? Pause for a minute and find an answer that is really true for you. You may be a lawyer, an engineer or a nurse by profession– but that is just something you do for a living. You may be a father, a mother, a husband, or a wife, but these are just roles you took on as a temporary assignment.

Are you a soul? a spirit? a mind? If so, where are you when you are sometimes ‘out of your mind’? Is your body just a vessel for these ‘entities’?

Or is the body something more? Isn’t it interesting to see how religions, philosophies and spirituality have created colorful belief systems over thousands of years in every human culture on this planet to find answers to these questions, but all they’ve created is more mystery.

The physical facts

Instead of a mystery, let’s look at some common sense, tangible biology. Your body – you – consists of 100 TRILLION cells (that is a number with 14 zeros), all of them vibrant and alive, communicating with each other in four different languages simultaneously:
• Mechanical – neighbor cells and tissues touch each other and are informed about each others’ biochemical needs 24/7. Muscles, tendons and bones constantly collaborate to make each single joint move in harmony. The liver touches the stomach and anticipates what kind of food can be expected to be digested and assimilated for the next few hours.
• Biochemical – Literally millions of different enzymes, nucleic acids, vitamins, co-enzymes, hormones and trace minerals act in an extremely well-orchestrated symphony around the clock to keep you alive and sane in every cell and tissue of your body. Your immune system constantly monitors every organ for ‘invaders’ and communicates rapidly if you cut your finger or catch the flu.
• Electrical – Your brain and nervous system communicate continuously at 124 mph (or higher) with every cell of your body and process information from the outside that comes in through more than 10 different senses. Your internal information highways are so sophisticated they serve as a model for the information highway. Cloud computing exists right in your brain. The body processes more information per day than the entire Internet.
• Photons – It’s said of people close to death that they experience ‘the lights going out’. The German professor Fritz Albert Popp was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1974 for his discovery that each human, animal and plant tissue emits a unique frequency of light that can be measured and even used to diagnose severe illnesses like different forms of cancer. Only now are we beginning to discover the power of phototherapy and benefiting from it.
Let’s call this incredible wisdom of your body “Physical Intelligence”. It’s the total sum of the synergy, communication and aliveness in every single cell, and between cells 24/7 for as long as you are alive. And that’s without even taking into account the fact that these cells constantly regenerate, replace damaged cells and grow as the body matures for the first 20 years of your life.

This tiny glimpse of the Physical Intelligence present in your body suggests that any perception of the body as limited is based on very bad information. Could it be that we have been overlooking the real miracle over the last few thousand years in human history—obscuring it with vague belief systems, or simply ignoring the fact that our body IS the ‘real secret’? That without the body there is no spirit or soul, no inspiration, excitement, ecstasy or bliss.

Could it be that the real universe is reading this article right now?

The Universe presents us with about 100 trillion visible stars – the same number of cells in your body. An interesting ‘coincidence’ or a hint for deeper reflection?

Could it be that the widely held belief that the body is a machine is simply and literally dead-wrong? This would mean that every single piece of scientific research that is based on this outdated assumption could be flawed. Think about it when you read your next scientific article… It reminds me of the dark ages 400 years ago when a few courageous people like Galileo and Copernicus risked their lives by stating and proving that the earth was not flat.

Is every death of a human being on this planet ultimately suicide, even if it takes 70 – 100 years to complete? Do we die on a daily basis and just don’t pay attention because we are too distracted with survival or the busy-ness of our comfortable lifestyles? Based on the tremendous advancements in science, technology, nutrition and communication, we are the first generation to have a REAL choice between dying and living forever. So get in touch with your physical intelligence—your immortality may depend on it.

Otto Siegel is an author, speaker and Master Certified Coach. As the founder and president of Genius Coaching he partners with corporate executives, business owners and bright teenagers to discover their natural genius in order to build their lives and careers upon it. To find out more about Otto and his programs visit Genius Coaching. To learn more about the effects of living unlimited visit Transformations.

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