Immortality: creating a new in-crowd

Bernadeane of People Unlimited Inc

Staying alive is not popular. It is not that which is familiar in this world. Dying is popular. You’re with the in-crowd when you die. So to be immortal, you have to be adventurous. Be ready to break out of public opinion to live abundantly. I have broken with that agreement that was imposed upon me from the body of knowledge of people who have died. We were all birthed by death-oriented people. We were all educated that we have an end. But I’m not interested in dying. I think it’s unintelligent. It doesn’t make sense to die. It makes sense to live. It makes sense for the physical body to prosper. It makes sense to walk free of sickness, fear, depression, superstition–everything that absolutely wreaks havoc with the physical body.

We have a lot of movement to do to experience this. I believe in the body. I believe in myself. Believe in yourself. Feel how potent you are, how magnificent you are. Begin to feel your body alive, free to be who you want to be, not who people told you to be. You can walk free of the oppressed life. You can do what you want to do. This is good news. Open yourself for more. Take it in, live by it. Every time I hear a new sound for me to move in a greater way, I give to that. I’m not willing to settle for a lesser life. We don’t have to settle for anything, but we do have to experience being able to say no to that which would take our life. You have to say “No!” throughout your whole body, and it gets easier the more you do it.

Being a physical body that is not going to experience death is naturally who I am. I don’t have a choice between living or dying. It’s easy for me to be physically immortal, I’m already beyond death. But our society is so wrapped up in a traditional life, wrapped up in the family, in religion, in a spiritual world, wherever that is. They are not really physical. They have a physical body, but to them that’s not lasting. They are here today, gone tomorrow. They’re born and they die and there are a few years in between.

It’s ridiculous for the physical body to have to grow old, to be sick, weak, depressed. I want people to get over following the plan that was laid down for human beings to follow. Social Security is part of the plan of death. What you receive from Social Security is so little, you can hardly live on it. You’re not expected to live long on it anyway, and many people don’t. I’m not a senior citizen. I gave up being a mother, a grandmother. I’m not a mother, I’m physically immortal. If I was a grandmother I’d be old, about ready to fall over in my grave, and I’m not going there. I’m not keeping that appointment with death. I’m celebrating my life every day, every moment. I’m celebrating that I’m not here just for another year; birthday parties are too small for me, I’m looking at forever.

I am led by bodies alive, not by my genetic programming. People took the place of an ancestral line for me. Everything you struggle with has its root in your ancestral line, and you have to do something about that because it is unto your death. You have to clip the cord that keeps you tied to an ancestral life that you came from. I’m not saying don’t care about your family; I’m saying clip the tie that binds you to limitation and death. Everybody has something in their ancestral line. It’s in your body, in your genes, in your blood. You have to deliver yourself. You can’t do it by positive thinking. You have to feel who you really are as a physically immortal body and have an indepth experience of your person. You have to get in touch with who’s in charge. Some people feel god is in charge, that he gives life and he takes it. If you feel that, then you have nothing to say about your own life. I’m not here to take god away from anyone, I just outgrew god. I’m so happy today that I set myself free to experience being in charge of my life. If you’re in charge, begin to feel the strength of your life. Don’t be afraid to keep moving when some people don’t agree with you. Surround yourself with other people who do have a feeling about themselves, who are going somewhere in this world. It’s a wonderful thing to have an environment of people who want you to live as much as you want to. You’ve got to have it if you’re going to walk free of death.

I know this is not in line with popular opinion. Popular opinion says find your soul-mate and fall in love. But all the falling in love doesn’t last–it’s only momentary. Unless you’re physically immortal and you’re with somebody else that’s physically immortal and you stay fresh with each other on a constant basis, you’re going to get bored and hate each other in the long run. I feel sorry for people who fall in love and get married … it’s the beginning of the end. I’m not interested in marriage, I’m interested in my life. I’m just beginning to live forever. I have forever in my body, it’s everything I am. I’m not in question about it. Go with what you feel in your gut. Have some intensity, some muscle to live. Don’t be casual about your life. Treat yourself with loving care. Adore yourself. Love your flesh. Make it the in thing to become more alive the longer you’re here instead of less alive.

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