Break out of the normality of death

Charles Brown of People Unlimited Inc says break out of the normality of death

Let’s face it, it’s not “normal” to be physically immortal, at least not according to the prevailing body of knowledge of mortal man. Death has been predominant for so long that it is the natural way of being. Physical immortality is beyond the normal, beyond the natural, beyond the program of death that you have received from the time you were conceived. Your conscious awareness has been developed by everything around you, and all the knowledge you have received has come from death-oriented man, handed down from generation to generation.

People say they don’t want to be brainwashed, but they already are, massively so. They are connected to the greatest brainwashing that has ever been and that is the limitation of death and dying. It’s been the “in thing” for thousands of years. Our awakening is against the normal of our own genetics that we came from, but it is not against the immortal of who we really are. You would think we would be speaking in coliseums already, that people would be so interested in knowing that they can live, but that’s how strong the agreement with the public opinion of death is. People are afraid to get out of line. They are following along with the entire mass belief of humanity that that is the way it is. I wonder how many of you will get out of line and get off death row.

There can be a fear to break the agreement with those who have gone before us. People fear they will lose themselves. But we must stop recognizing ourselves as the people that received the agreement with ancestry that death is inevitable. We have to change that, nobody else is going to do it. Even if this seems strange to you, I have to tell you that it’s no accident you are reading this. You have to realize that you are on purpose to lose the person you thought you were.

There must be the losing of the awareness of self completely in order to free who we really are. To be physically immortal is to forget who you were. I think this is one of the biggest blocks in humanity. Many feel the joy and excitement as they start to come out of an old life, only to start shutting down again when they are not able to relate to themselves or others in what is happening. This is something to face, because it’s not a new belief system to be learned, it is biological. It should be a welcome change, but this is what we deal with– the stronghold of the conscious awareness. There is a new relating to happen, and that is with other physically immortal bodies.

One of the biggest issues that keeps some people from going forward in discovering their immortality is that they start to feel guilt because of their family. In the family tree everyone is joined. They are connected in life and they are connected in death, and people are afraid to break with that because there is a mystical feeling that they are going to see their dead loved-ones again some day. That is why it’s so important to discover the magnificence of your own physical body because you have to leave all sentimentality of an ancestry behind, because the history of the dead lives in the bodies of the living. When will you be ready to give up the dead in your body?

When you wake up to physical immortality there may be a remembering that you had thoughts of living forever when you were a child. You didn’t think about death, but then you became conscious of the public opinion around you and were told that that’s the way everyone goes. You also became god-conscious. No infant knows anything about a god when it is born. It learns about god from the world around it. It learns about god and the devil, good and evil, life and death, light and darkness, positive and negative, all from the public opinion of the consciousness of death.

Why wouldn’t people want to live if it were possible? If science came up with a pill that if you took it you could live forever, wouldn’t you want to take it? Some say no, it’s not God’s will. Every religion supports death. A common belief about the body is that it is of a baser substance. There is a deep program to get away from the body, to become ethereal, spiritual, because the body is too dense.

Many people think as long as there is the body, there is a limitation. I have news for you – without the body there is only limitation. Without the body, spirit has no manifestation. Without the body, spirit has no expression, no form. The body is the generator. There must be a bursting through to open up to a new intelligence, let your DNA be rewritten. Break out of the normality of death with me!

Charles Paul Brown, People Unlimited Inc. To learn more about living unlimited visit People Unlimited

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