Cleaning out the rumor mill

Clearing up some rumors about People Unlimited

At People Unlimited, our focus is physical immortality—that’s about as different as it gets. If we were just like the church or synagogue around the corner, that would be pretty ridiculous. But because we’re different, some people get confused about us, and let’s face it, the gossip factor doesn’t help. So here are some rumors we’ve heard about ourselves, which we’d like to clear up.

Rumor #1: We are swingers

Sorry, all you suppressed horn-dogs out there. We are about holding the human form as the most sacred, precious thing there is. So, casual sex is out. In fact, treating the body in any way that is casually destructive is out.

The kernel of truth: We are very warm and loving and hug one another often. We don’t restrict our hugging to just people who we are sexually intimate with or related to by blood. (We leave that kind of tight-assed behavior to the mortal majority at large.)

Rumor #2: We promise people immortality

Nope. That would be church. At least some churches. For the millionth time . . . we feel the human body is capable of regenerating itself indefinitely given the right environment, particularly the right human environment. People Unlimited offers that human environment where people can enjoy the support of others who feel the same way about living. Public opinion is a powerful thing, and we’re creating a public that wants you to live forever. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Rumor #3: We are a commune/cult

(Swingers? Communes? What’s with all the 70’s references?) Our members come from all walks of life and return there after our events. We do not share a big immortal ranch in the desert. We do better having our own spaces. We’re doing immortality, not reality TV. Nor are we interested in controlling one another, which the cult reference would suggest. We’re too busy living. We think we’re the furthest thing from a cult as we empower one another to break free from all suppression. Also, we’re hardly isolated from the community. In fact, our charity, People Unlimited Charities, actively supports worthy causes around town.

But we do get hit with the C word from time to time, which hurts our feelings but then we get over it. Maybe some day soon we won’t care at all. Because in a world that readily accepts as normal religious control, family control, corporate control and ego control, we might not always get a fair hearing on this point.

Joe Bardin, Editor
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