What is the dollar value of your body?

What is the dollar value of your body?

Money is a widely accepted way to express the value of things. Can we apply this to our own bodies as well? Is it possible to determine the dollar value of your body? I tried this with managers and software engineers in a major US company, asking them one question: ”How do you value your body?” No one responded with a dollar amount. Here are the most frequent answers I heard:

“I am too busy to pay attention.”
“I hope I will stay healthy for a long time.”
“I am healthy – that’s enough.”
“I only care when I feel sick, and I hate to be sick.”
“I am not beautiful enough.”
“I am too fat.”
“I need to lose weight.”
“I hate to be in pain.”

These responses show a total disconnect between people and their value of themselves—they didn’t even answer the question. Does it ultimately represent public opinion on a wider scale? Think of the news you hear on a daily basis—it’s always someone getting killed, dying or barely surviving an accident or other life threatening situation.

Traditional public opinion is based on the ‘unquestionable’ fact that every human being has to die, because it has always been that way all around the world. This produces an overwhelming flood of carefully selected daily death news, books, articles, movies and stories that can numb your senses, cloud your brain and distract you so much from new and emerging realities that it could kill you, even if you feel perfectly healthy. But is this daily digest of public opinion really stronger than your innermost feelings about life and death?

A highly intelligent friend of mine suffered from severe diabetes all her adult life and could not change her life style fast enough. She became very knowledgeable about her condition but never took action on what she knew. Last year she had a very successful pancreas transplant and gained a whole new value and fundamental gratitude for her own life. Now she is ready to re-evaluate her goals, intentions and purpose for a fresh start where she actually can take action on what she always wanted to do.

Once you pierce through the clouds of public opinion about the value of your body, the new realities might show up in clear daylight: Your body – you – has unlimited value. No price is too high to respond to the pain signals of your body as early and quickly as possible, prevent any decline of your health and do everything you know about nutrition, supplements, movement and relaxation to take care of yourself extremely well.

Without your body in great health you are simply dead – no spirituality or magic pill will make a difference. Each cell of your body has the unlimited possibility to regenerate itself, given the right environment. Are you ready to educate your brain to do what it takes to create this environment inside and outside your body, to build a ‘life urge’ that is stronger than the normal death urge?

As you read this, could it be that your body has a deep biological desire to live forever – despite the vast ignorance of public opinion about the real value of the human body? After all, you have everything to say about how you look and feel every moment.

Otto Siegel
is an author, speaker and Master Certified Coach. As the founder and president of Genius Coaching he partners with corporate executives, business owners and bright teenagers to discover their natural genius in order to build their lives and careers upon it. Find out more about Otto and his programs and tap into your genius. To find out more about unlimited living visit People Unlimited.

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