Escape the old, risk the new, go for the unlimited

James Strole of People Unlimited Inc

There is a new life to live, a life that’s free of sickness, aging and disease. The only question is, are you ready to live it? Are you willing to make the changes and adjustments in the life you have now in order to have the life that you would really like to have? What holds you back, are you afraid of public opinion?

Most people are unwilling to make the changes, not because they wouldn’t like to have a better life, but because they don’t want to take the risks involved. So they end up fantasizing about it, either wishing they had someone else’s life, or dreaming about a life they think they will have after they die. Of course, there are those who are just asleep and settle for the status quo, who don’t even question that there could be more. Is that all there is to life, being born, propagating some children, collecting a few toys and seeing a few sights? The reality is, there is always more. No matter how luxurious the toys may be, if you are still living within the confines and limitations of a death-oriented life, you are on death row, awaiting your execution. Is that all human life is meant to be?

Despite all our abilities, human beings are very habitual creatures. We seem to get stuck in our glue, afraid of change, afraid of life, and especially, as we are discussing in this issue of the magazine, afraid of public opinion and not being considered normal.

In our stuckness, we tend to seek out and find people who will support us in staying stuck, rather than seeking people who will inspire and support us in making the changes we need to make to have a vast, unlimited life. We have to risk losing what we can lose in order to gain everything we are capable of gaining. This is what physical immortality is about. It is a quantum leap out of the old regime of a death-oriented life, with its repetitive patterns and limited perspective. It is the missing link, the human connection with yourself and humankind. I personally feel that within all of us is the innate desire and potential to constantly renew ourselves. Like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar that becomes the butterfly, we can constantly recreate ourselves new and fresh every day. That is what real living should be, rather than becoming older and more stagnant every day, and reminiscing about who you used to be.

But the human body needs inspiration to live. Why did we create a world that is so difficult for the human body to thrive in – where public opinion is actually against us living? We can and need to create an environment that is conducive to people living more abundantly right now. Sometimes we are so busy patching up all the damage, trying to find new ways to cure the next deadly disease in an endless procession of new diseases, that we do not stop to realize that all we have to do is create a nurturing environment conducive to us thriving. If we give our bodies the right nourishment and inspiration, we can not only heal, but we can actually stop creating disease altogether. Isn’t this what life should be about? Shouldn’t we be the noble creatures that we were meant to be instead of accepting such a fundamentally mundane and, for the most part, meaningless existence? I have seen desert flowers burst through what would seem like almost impossibly hard-packed ground and even rock. We have the same ability to burst through the barriers of sickness, aging and death. Many people think that is impossible. I feel it is not only possible, but is an absolute necessity. We need to take our rightful place as a new species, a higher life, and burst through the hard pack of an old, wornout, antiquated way of life.

This great country was founded on a freedom for humankind that had never been seen before, a freedom to pursue real happiness and joy. Wouldn’t the ultimate happiness be to live free from sickness, aging and death? Why have we kept our sights so low? We need to raise the bar and know that we can evolve ourselves, experience a metamorphosis to a higher life form, without having to die to do it.

I feel we can, if we are willing to let the old ideas and thoughts that do not work for us die out in our bodies and begin to speak into manifestation a new life. We can transform ourselves and everyone around us willing to change. Even if you do not think this is possible, why not go for it? Isn’t it better than slipping away quietly into the dark night, never making a real stand for your life? Together, we can make unlimited living contagious. We can create a new public opinion where living is the in thing and death is unacceptable. Whether you realize it or not, death is a very contagious disease and we have accepted it as being incurable. In reality, there are no incurable diseases, there are only incurable people. I am excited about the life I am living. I am in contact with more and more people who are excited about creating this unlimited life, and I want to invite you to join me in this great new adventure. No matter what anyone else might think, go for the unlimited.

Jim Strole, People Unlimited Inc. to find out more about Jim Strole and unlimited living visit Jim Strole at People Unlimited.

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