Exercise your immortality

Charles Paul Brown of People Unlimited says exercise your immortality

Death is not our friend, and to break those death barriers that have been programmed into the body really takes something; you have to exercise your immortality. The world of death cannot keep us prisoner, but we have to actively dethrone death in our own bodies. We have to move energetically to close all the exits to death. We have to be radical for our lives, because death has been constantly evolving itself right along with living, and the duality of life and death is ingrained in the body. It really takes something to stand without intimidation and break through the old belief systems that don’t want to let go– but the only thing you have to lose by going for it is death itself.

Many people think that their mind, their conscious awareness, is who they really are, and that they can be truly enlightened without experiencing their body. But knowledge and enlightenment have to give way to the body electric, so that we do not just awaken to the idea of living free from death, we actually experience our life urge, a burning inside that we cannot turn off.

Organic immortality is that which bursts forth as a new creation. There is a quickening of the body to take place that goes beyond the conscious control. This is when spontaneous generation can happen and there is an explosion in the body that we’ve never seen before. It is like wildfire, sweeping through the cells and atoms of our flesh and a new body is birthed out of the old one.

Immortality in action

It is our responsibility when we hear the sound of a higher life to put that into action to bring about the changes that are necessary. A really alive person welcomes change. But there has to be a real shakeup, a piercing through to the core of the cells and atoms of the body, which awakens the DNA. This is what takes immortality beyond just a head-trip. We feel our immortality reverberate throughout the body, overwriting the programs that have been fed into us from the death-oriented world we were all born into.

In order to do this we need to expose ourselves constantly to the sound and touch of immortal people. We have to surround ourselves with others of like purpose so we can be nourished and wake up with the people who are waking up. When we meet one another in being totally alive there is an electrification of our bodies that takes place, cutting right through the density of death.

We must remind each other constantly of who we are until there is no memory of death in our bodies to haunt us. This is how we exercise our immortality. We cannot hear the sound of being physically immortal and live the traditional life we inherited from our ancestry. We must be constantly awake and alert, especially in our daily living where we need to exercise our immortality all the time.

If we allow personality traits from an old life to operate, we will revert back into old patterns. There is an intelligence of death that seeks to operate in sleepiness and sluggishness. That is why we have to shake ourselves constantly and allow ourselves to be shaken by others. We should be thankful for that touch by others. We need to inspire one another, not to conquer death, but to live a greater life beyond it.

I have a responsibility to live. I have a responsibility to speak that which has never been spoken before. Let’s not take for granted who we are and what our purpose for being here is. Our purpose is to penetrate and imprint people with our passion so they will want to live. Rise and shine and be the light of the world, and may your light never go out.

Charles Paul Brown, People Unlimited Inc. To learn more about living unlimited visit People Unlimited

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