The spirit of the flesh

Bernadeane of People Unlimited talks about the spirit of the flesh

The body is organically physically immortal, but the belief in death absolutely denies this. You have to have a feeling to live. You have to be inspired, and that comes from the spirit of your flesh. There is a spirit of the flesh that will not let you down. You can’t think it, you can’t learn about it; it’s the unknown of your body, it’s the unknown movement of you. It comes from your gut and flows throughout the whole body.

We are about organic physical immortality, not spiritual immortality. If you want to feel the spirit, get physical, it’s the only way. If you don’t have your body you’re not going to feel anything. The dead know nothing. So don’t die. Get wild and crazy. Start letting go and letting yourself feel. Feeling is being alive.

In order to keep changing and waking up out of the sleep of death, I feel we have to be 100% all out with ourselves all the time. It’s so exciting to do this. We have to be louder than the death working in our bodies. I love to be shaken up. It’s great to feel a stirring in your belly when you feel something happening in your nervous system. That’s really alive, that’s your life urge rumbling in there.

Take the responsibility to live

Each person has to be responsible to make sure they do what it takes to stay alive. I cannot tell you that you are physically immortal and you’re not going to die, you will have to say that. That is your responsibility as an individual. You will have to experience that you are organically physically immortal, and then it’s real for you. It’s ok to feel that you are divine, that you have a right to live and not die. There has to be an awakening that it’s okay for the body to stay fresh, that it’s good to be excited and full of joy, that it’s great to live abundantly, financially and every other way. You’ve got to have some guts, some intensity, some muscle to live. Get some muscle. I’m not talking about the kind you get from working out with weights. I’m talking about working out your life urge to stay around here.

Of course it’s wonderful to do everything you can for your health, but it doesn’t give you the desire to live. It doesn’t give you the desire to outlive death. You’ve got to have a wake-up that says this is who I am! There’s a sleep in the physical body where people are dying long before the heart stops beating. Let’s really begin to wake up so the mind gets the signal and has a chance to work with the body instead of against it.

Claim your wholeness now

We have to end the symptoms of death in our bodies while we’re walking on our two feet. Let’s get serious about our physical bodies and make a difference now. It’s terrible to let the flesh fade away. When you’ve given up your body, you’ve lost it, there’s nothing else. Claim your wholeness now, even if you have a sickness or some problem in your life. Don’t wait until you change that in order to feel whole. Move from being whole right now, from that sure feeling of yourself that nothing can take your life, and you’ll begin to eliminate all the things that aren’t working for you. It’s never too late to live. You don’t have to die to change, but you do have to change in order to not die.

Let’s face everything now so we can feel good and really enjoy being alive. Face everything that’s going on in your relationship, in your love life, with your business partners, with your children. Face everything and make it good for you. Take the stress out. Live on the other side of death right now, you can do that. We should feel our bodies getting better all the time. The more we live, laugh and enjoy, the better the body responds.

Forgive, forget, get over everything you have experienced, and go for the finest. We have created an environment where you can forget all of your past, where you can live and be a new person that you’ve never been before. You should not be wearing yourself out with sentimental ties or obligations to people who do not care if you live or die. If you give yourself to small things, you will burn out your precious energy and will not want to live very long. I’m here to join with people who are ready to be vast and walk free of all the petty struggles of a mundane life. We should be so large that we have no time to tear down other people. Start building people, raising them so high that they can see forever.

Be part of the new happening

When people who are on the same wavelength about being physically immortal come together, there is a frequency of energy that is very powerful. We are moving together to create an environment that we can live in, an environment where people are walking free of the consciousness of sin, free of all the things that would destroy us. Most people feel helpless to make a difference in this world or in their own lives, but it’s because, as lone identities, they feel insignificant. We have to join together to feel vast. There is a collective life urge that flows when people join together where death cannot have its way in the body. We are experiencing a oneness of flesh that’s never been before. We are a new happening in this world.

Bernadeane, People Unlimited Inc. To learn more about Bernadeane and living unlimited visit Bernie at People Unlimited

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