You can’t just live on your truth

It’s not some truth that’s going to set you free. It’s you that will set yourself free. I’m setting myself free, I determined that. I have a right to say what’s going on in my body. You have a right to say what’s going on in your body. You have the right to stay around if you want to. But it takes going in to what it really takes to stay alive.

It’s more though than just everything we can do for our bodies. It’s more than just the exercise we can do. It’s more than the food we eat. It’s good to get in touch with the right vitamins. All that is good but that in itself will not keep you alive. There has to be a stirring within the body. You have to feel changes taking place. You can’t just live on your truth. It’s got to be a physical happening from the gut. It has to come from the gut!

It’s a wonderful thing to get in touch with how vast the physical body is. Get in touch with how vast you are, how strong you are, how pure you are, how beautiful. You are magnificent. Feel the magnificence of you. You have to feel yourself. But you’ve got to have people that care about you. It’s not enough, for instance, for you to say you care about me but then don’t show care for yourself or others. Because I know that if you don’t care about yourself or others, you can’t really care about me all the way.

It’s not whether we’re too good for each other or are bad for each other. It’s that the body is important and if we move together, we can change anything that isn’t okay. But you can’t do it if you separate from one another. We have to stay together. We have to make the world work for us. We’re here to create the world we want, not the world that’s been created so far.

Let’s make a world for our bodies, for us. We have to make the transformation that we need to make to do this. And there are some big changes to make. So be with people you feel. Be with people that want you to live. The lone identity trip doesn’t work. You’ve got to have the communion and the communication. It’s physical. We have to be totally physical and have a caring for one another. And we’ve not cared for each other enough yet. We can still get upset by the tiniest thing and walk away from each other. We’ve got to be large and not do that.

I think it can get easier and easier to transform although it might not be easy for some. We need to hold one another. Hold people making changes and be a part of that with them. Be a part of somebody’s change. Be a helping hand. Be there with one another. The more we do what we need to do the better we get at it. So the more we live, the better we get at it. The more we put into our living and staying alive, the better we get. Always, better and better. Some of us are not real good at it yet. Maybe none of us are really, really good at it yet but we’re getting better. The more we get together, the more we talk with one another, the more we move from our guts, the more we open ourselves, the better we get.

Bernadeane, People Unlimited Inc. To learn more about Bernadeane and living unlimited visit Bernie at People Unlimited

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