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Living Unlimited Magazine is published by People Unlimited, a community based in Scottsdale, AZ, dedicated to the proposition that if we take responsibility for all aspects of our lives, we are organically capable of living forever.

Immortality is in the news more and more. Recently, Time Magazine ran a cover story about physical immortality involving technological and medical advancements. We’re excited about these advancements, but feel that organic immortality – feeling, thinking and living free of the toxicity of death – is by far our best bet. It’s also the most enjoyable way to live.

This will sound outlandish to some, attractive to others. The great thing about Living Unlimited Magazine is that you can get out of the magazine what works for you.

Want to feel more fired up about living? Check out the inspirational expressions of James Strole, Charles Brown and Bernadeane. Want to learn the latest on cutting edge nutrition? Read the column of our resident nutritionist. You’ll also find insightful articles on getting your sexual energy unstuck, understanding the physical intelligence that is already working inside you and much more.

At People Unlimited, because we’re passionate about embracing physical immortality, we’re constantly uncovering new best practices in aliveness. We have no attachment to tradition for tradition’s sake. If a way of eating or thinking or living works, we’re all for it. But if it doesn’t, we’re on fire about finding a better way. This yields original insights and inspiration you simply won’t find anywhere else.

So enjoy Living Unlimited. And let us know what you think at feedback(@)

Stay alive!

Joe Bardin, Editor
To find out more about the People Unlimited community visit People Unlimited, Inc

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